I've been professionally photographing women since 2014 and along the way I decided to ditch the male gaze to focus on shooting women the way I saw them. Playful + Powerful.

In order to do that, I hold space for you - giving you the opportunity to embrace your personal style, show off your assets and celebrate being you! (Channeling the all mighty Blanche Devereaux)

In my experience, feeling empowered doesn't come from using an excessive amount of props/costumes. This genre isn't a performance, it's an embodiment.

I'll hold your hand along the way, this session is designed with you in mind. You don't have to figure out what to wear, what to bring, how to do your hair or make-up. I will take care of it, and you, gorgeously.

Our first meeting is casual and virtual, where we will get to know each other. I’ll ask you easy questions about you and interest in boudoir. I’ll share with you my full client experience and ease any worries you may have. After our call, you’ll receive an email that will guide you through the reservation process with ease.


1. preparation

I have created a wonderful guide that will help you prepare for your session! You'll find useful information on beauty and personal care reminders.

We'll also have a wardrobe consultation! I'll hold your hand through selecting outfits that fit you well and will photograph beautifully!

2. Warm-Up

With such an intimate session, it's important for a little warm up time. That's why each session includes a beauty professional to personally style your hair and make-up. 

While you're getting the glam we'll loosen up over a sparkling water or coffee!

4. Client closet

You'll have access to my client accessory closet! It's filled with some of my favorite things that make me feel special!

You'll find things like hats, body chains, oversized sweaters, fur throws and more.

The client closet is always evolving, you'll be surprised at what you'll find there!

4. Session

You're ready! Nervous, but ready!

Each session is about 45-90 minutes long, and for the entirety of your session I am your personal hype girl and posing professional. 

We'll break through your shyness in the first 5 minutes and you'll leave feeling comfortable and confident.

5. Reveal

We'll connect again to see your gallery.

I want to witness your excitement when you finally see what I saw in you!

Reveals are done in person or over Zoom within 2 weeks of your session.

6. keepsakes

Together we'll select your favorite images to be lovingly held together in a keepsake.

You'll have the option between a traditional linen album or a modern unbound album.  

Take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think, "Oh, I'm too spooky." or "Nobody wants to see these tiny boobies." But believe me, one day you will look at those photos, with much kinder eyes and say, "Dear God, I was a beautiful thing!"
- Moira Rose

Wardrobe Consultation
Professional Hair + Make-Up
Client Closet Access
Album or Folio Box


I started the session thinking they would be a fun gift for my fiancé, but they ended up really being for me!
Krysta made me feel so comfortable. She had a list available with suggested outfits that suited different body types and looked great on camera. The entire shoot felt private and safe. Krysta is an absolute pro at posing, giving direction and knowing what is going to flatter your body. When I got my photos back, I was amazed at how great I felt about myself in them! The confidence I felt after leaving the shoot and when I looked at the photos was something I really couldn't have imagined and I will treasure these photos forever.

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Krysta was absolutely amazing!! From helping me pick out pieces that went well with my body to posing me in ways that were super flattering with the big old baby bump. This pregnancy has been super stressful, but doing the session allowed me to take a break from everyday life and enjoy my body this pregnancy. I love how she made me feel, and  Krysta kept these photos sexy in a Mom way!!!

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As a mama who is still trying to embrace her post pregnancy body, I was nervous to show my body in such an intimate shoot. After spending a couple minutes with Krysta, her warm demeanor and her ensurance to make me feel comfortable really eased my mind. She provided me with so much guidance. I loved how she made sure I feel amazing in my skin and the poses really helped my confidence shine through. I'm so happy I decided to shoot with Krysta. I love every single picture she took. It is empowering and working with someone like Krysta who will make sure you feel confident and sexy is worth it! 

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Working with Krysta didn't make me feel awkward and she was great at explaining the poses to me. I was a little nervous in the beginning, but felt a lot more comfortable after she showed me a few sneak peeks on the camera. I love everything about the photos! They make me feel beautiful, especially when I am not as comfortable in my Mom bod. This session gave me confidence I had been missing. To those women who are considering doing boudoir, you should absolutely do it! You are going to fall in love with yourself all over again! 

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This session is insanely personal, and I respect your privacy and comfort level.

I have found that most women after viewing their gallery are comfortable selecting a handful of images to share, because they love them so much!


Can I keep my images private?

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That's okay and this session is still for you!

I work with various levels of comfort for these sessions. That can range from topless to partially covered in an oversized sweater to a full robe. 

My goal with these sessions is to make you feel like your truest self. If that's with more clothes, that's cool with me!


What if I don't want to be nude or fully exposed?

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Yes and no. It is included in each session to make sure that you look and feel your best. As well as to make sure the make-up used is ideal for my studio and lighting.

If you'd like to pass on using my beauty professional, and opt to use your own - you absolutely can! It doesn't change the cost of the collection though.


Is hair + Make-up Optional?

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Nope, I like to keep things simple.

I also only like to offer to my clients what I would personally enjoy. When I really think about boudoir, I can feel intimacy and secrecy, which is why I love the idea of a traditional album or modern unbound album. The perfect mediums to hold those precious images.


Do you offer any other products?

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You can find all of that on Facebook in my private group. That's where I post recent sessions and real clients share their experiences. 

You can join by following the link below, I'd love to see you there!

Krysta Norman Photography // Boudoir


Where can I find more reviews and your latest work?

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If you're ready to say hello, let's schedule a call. I'd like to hear more about you and I would also love to walk you through my client experience. I look forward to meeting you!

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