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With a background in marketing and publishing, I transitioned to small business ownership and established Krysta Norman Photography in 2014. I knew I wanted a business that focused heavily on client relationships and the creation of meaningful photographs. KNP serves each client wholey from inquiry to gallery delivery; it's in the space in between that deeper connections are made and magic happens. 

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Kind Words

"you are the best f*cking photographer there is"

I don't know if anyone has told you lately or often enough, but you are the best f*cking photographer there is. Like, if I was super rich, I'd hire you to photograph my life and then travel around and take photos of cool stuff. And we'd both die happy and full of wine.


"Possibly the best human that walks earth"

Possibly the best human that walks earth. Krysta has an authentic passion that makes her photos really stand out in a sea of other ordinary photographers. She is kind, patient and overall makes you feel comfortable when creating art. Hire this gal. Amazing investment.


The Offerings

For Women

I've focused on photographing women in a playful and powerful light, ditching the male gaze for a more authentic perspective. I create a space for you to embrace your personal style and celebrate being yourself, inspired by the almighty Blanche Devereaux. Feeling empowered doesn't require excessive props or costumes - it's about embodying your essence.

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For Businesses

I've always been drawn to small or family-owned businesses, built from courage, hope and willpower. Like you, I understand the entrepreneurial soul that drives us to make an impact within the industry or world. I make brand images that reflect your unique story and values, with personalized planning that includes: mood boards, wardrobe consultation and thorough shot lists.

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Hey, I’m Krysta.

I’m usually tucked away at home with my dog Mosby the boxer. I prefer slower starts to the morning with a warm cup of coffee and a quick Italian lesson. 

I’m happiest working at my kitchen table, if I’m not there then you can spot me at a local winery, brewery or coffee shop.

When I need to disconnect and reset I’m outdoors; I especially enjoy hikes, fancy picnics and long dog walks. I’m into moving my body, which means I’m at OrangeTheory Fitness, practicing yoga at home or slowly becoming obsessed with pickleball. My favorite afternoons are spent with friends + family, great food and thoughtful conversation. I love Virginia and her offerings, but I long to see the rest of the world. I’m endlessly curious about the culture and languages in far away places and the experiences that come with long distance travel.

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"I love every single picture she took. It is empowering and working with someone like Krysta who will make sure you feel confident and sexy is worth it!"

As a mama who is still trying to embrace her post pregnancy body, I was nervous to show my body in such an intimate shoot. After spending a couple minutes with Krysta, her warm demeanor and her assurance to make me feel comfortable really eased my mind. She provided me with so much guidance. I loved how she made sure I felt amazing in my skin and the poses really helped my confidence shine through. I'm so happy I decided to shoot with Krysta.


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