hi, I'm Krysta.

I’m usually tucked away at home with my two dogs (Ava Jean the miniature pinscher + Mosby the boxer). I prefer slow starts to the morning with a warm cup of coffee and my planner.

I’m happiest working at my kitchen table, if I’m not there then you can spot me at a local winery, brewery or coffee shop.

When I need to disconnect and reset I’m outdoors; I especially enjoy hikes, picnics and long dog walks. I’m also an avid yogi, you can find me practicing yoga or OrangeTheory throughout the week. My favorite afternoons are spent with friends + family, great food and thoughtful conversation. I love Virginia and her offerings, but I long to see the rest of the world. I’m endlessly curious about the culture and languages in far away places and the experiences that come with long distance travel.

"My daily uniform consists of a flowy dress, flat sandals, a leather bag and a fresh manicure."

Ava + Mosby
Italian Language
OPI Nail Polish
Cappuccinos + Americanos
35mm Film
Haribo Gummies
Indoor Potted Plants

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things i lOVE

Ava is a miniature pinscher I got on clearance after college. She's got the personality and old lady pains of a lively Sophia Petrillo. 

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Ava + Mosby

Mosby is a boxer that i rescued from the vet after his owner abandoned him. He's as silly as he is big, imagine Kramer as a dog. That's him!

Family Heirlooms
Natural Light
Virginia Wine
Packing for Trips
Charcuterie Boards
Literature + Nonfiction Reads
Vintage Dressers

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THINGS I'm into

I'm a Type 3 (The Achiever) and Wing 2 (The Helper), and as much as I didn't want to believe it - I am. I'm driven by achievement and success, plus I have the energy to help other people reach their goals! 

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ENNEAGRAM follower...

Hot Yoga
Local Hikes
Winery Days
Orange Theory
Walking the dogs

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