creating strategic + engaging imagery that visually represents your business and intentionally tells the unspoken story of your brand

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Branding for Small + Micro Businesses

Visual Narratives for Small Businesses

I’ve never held a job at a corporation as an adult. I’ve always worked for and been drawn to small or family-owned businesses. Companies built from the ground up with courage, hope, and will power. That little bit of entrepreneurial magic that drives business owners. Drives them out of bed in the morning, drives them mad sometimes, drives their determination to turn ideas into reality and make a impact in their industry.

I’ve got that magic too. In my experience, the best brand photography is created by understanding the person behind the business, their business, their values and their unique client base. I’ll work closely with you to develop a comprehensive plan that’ll include a moodboard, wardrobe consultation, hair + make-up and most importantly a thorough shot list that visually represents your business.

From one small business owner to another, I’ve got you!

I’m ready to help you create a visually powerful library that tells the story of your business, are you?

tell me about your business, send me a note!

Kind Words

Megan + Greg (Inner Loop Coffee Roasters)

“Krysta is great at what she does, asking the right questions to get to the root of our company and mission, showing who you are and what makes you unique. She brought out our personalities and was just so fun to work with!"

"It’s an investment to elevate your brand to your customers."


“I get so many positive remarks on my pictures and it's been such a treat to get to pull different images into various marketing pieces and know that they integrate seamlessly with the rest of my materials. The ability to use these images instead of stock photos has really influenced how I feel about my own marketing materials. When I have better pictures I use them more and when I want to use them more, I produce more marketing---and that can only be a good thing for business!"

"The ability to use these images instead of stock photos has really influenced how I feel"


“ ❤️ These are AMAZING! I can't wait to plaster these things everywhere!"

"WOWZA!!!!!!!!!! Boy did you ever OVER deliver!"

"Branding photos aren’t that important, I can just use my phone."

Let me get this straight, you want to take your time and attention away from the big, important work that your business needs -specifically from you- to learn the art of brand photography. That feels a little risky to me.

I’m here to remind you to delegate. I could learn to do my taxes, but I have outsourced that since 2014 to keep my peace of mind. I know that my CPA would do a better, faster and more thorough job than I ever could with their years of experience. It’s the same with brand photography, I’m here to take this off of your plate. 

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"I like being able to share photos that showcase me with my art or me skateboarding, because it gives a look into my personality right off the bat."

Alicia (artist)

Here’s how you’ll go from moodboard to curated gallery. 

From moodboard to curated gallery, the possibilities are endless. Take the first step and bring your vision to life.

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